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Take a look around the next time you find yourself immersed in fun with family or friends and you'll see it. Whether you're enjoying summer fun at the beach, watching the kids' soccer game, entertaining friends at a party or enjoying a weekend of boating or fishing - it's there, somewhere in the background…it's an Igloo cooler! Probably more than one. For all the special moments in your life, Igloo is pleased to be part of the fun.

Igloo products address the changing world we live in today - from our fast paced on-the-go lifestyles to our awakened sense of sustainability of our planet and its natural resources. Take the party with you in our IcyTunes Playmate Gripper™ or Cool Fusion IcyTunes™ rolling cooler - both equipped with MP3 compatible speakers that allow you to enjoy your favorite libations while listening to your favorite vibrations! As the leading cooler brand in the marine market, we've taken our Marine products to a new level with the introduction of our waterproof and durable Marine tarpaulin duffle and coolers. The hunting enthusiast will love our Realtree® Gripper, duffle and hard liner coolers (HLC). Finally, you'll stay cool on-the-go with our MaxCold® food containers and sports bottles. These freezable gel-insulated containers utilize MaxCold technology to expand your cooling options far beyond where traditional "to-go" containers have gone before.

Igloo Products Corporation continues to innovate and lead the industry by introducing new cooler options every year. It's no wonder that Igloo is the leading cooler brand across the globe! So please check back with us often to see what's new - the fun and excitement continues!

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