January 21, 2020 1 min read

Having friends and family over for The Big Game doesn’t have to be stressful… stay cool with these tips from your friends at Igloo.

It’s the morning of The Big Game - here’s the first play - you tackle the grocery store for you, your family and your friends. Stock up on enough food and drinks for hours of football, the half-time show, and those epic television commercials. Check your cart… all good? Wait, don’t forget ICE! Defense coming in cool. You even remembered to bring your Igloo BMX cooler to load up for the drive home - TOUCHDOWN!

Time to set the playing field - your Igloo BMX cooler filled with some fan-favorite ice cold drinks, your snacks laid out - wings, chips ‘n’ salsa, veggies, snack mix, football cupcakes, you name it: THE CROWD GOES NUTS! The team arrives. Is that Terry with a Playmate Elite Cooler? *high fives Terry* Everyone’s enjoying themselves, no penalties, and it’s finally your turn to crack a cold one and start watching the game!

HALF TIME: huddle up your team - hotdogs and burgers for all. Check your Igloo Coolers, full and ice retention still going strong. You’ve crushed it! 

You’re this years MVP - who’s leading the team next year?

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