January 26, 2020 1 min read

Don’t go empty handed to the party… win points with the host by bringing your own Igloo Cooler

JAN 2020


It’s the day of the Big Game and you’ve been invited to the watch party at your buddy’s house! Everyone loves a great team-player, so DON’T draw any penalties and come empty-handed… Instead, grab your trusty IglooPlaymate Elite, load up your favorite drinks, and top it off with a generous amount of ice – nobody likes a warm can. With easyone-handed carrying and 30 can capacity you’re sure to run through the end zone giving high fives no problem!

 If the clock’s running down and you have to make an audible, draw up the play to score with theRecool. With the strength to hold up to 75 lbs of your drinks and 12-hour ice retention, you’re bound to make a winning play with this 16-quart cooler. And with it’s re-usable capabilities, you can run it back and be next season’s MVP!

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