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Retro Barrel of Fun 2 Gallon Jug


Oh, snap! Our two-gallon Retro Barrel of Fun is ready to party like it’s 1992. We totally revived our ‘90s classic…same body style built on the same machines in our same USA factory. This is the ultimate party pleaser with room for two (2) gallons of your fave beverage (you can even mix cocktails directly in it!) and easy-to-use spigot, you’re in for a retro good time.

Item #: 00031416

2 gallons (7.57 liters)

3.6 lbs
1.6 kgs

Exterior Dimensions ( L x W x H ):
11.5" x 10.8" x 13.5"
29.2 cm x 27.3 cm x 34.3 cm