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It’s a cooler. It’s a boombox. It’s a blast from the past! We revisited 1989 to bring back our popular KoolTunes, a Playmate with built-in speakers — the party-perfect cooler! But, this time, it’s back and better than ever with wireless Bluetooth connectivity, weather-resistant exterior, extended playtime and more.

Item #: 00027533

26 (12-oz) cans
14 quarts (13 liters)

5.26 lbs
2.39 kgs

Exterior Dimensions ( L x W x H ):
14.57" x 10.91" x 13.9"
37.01 cm x 27.71 cm x 35.31 cm

KoolTunes™ dimensions
KoolTunes™ Playmate Cooler
KoolTunes™ Playmate Cooler