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Kevin Butler


Igloo +
Kevin Butler

Igloo and artist Kevin Butler of RAD Cars With RAD Surfboards collaborate to bring you the Limited Edition Kevin Butler Playmate® Elite cooler.

"A car with a surfboard it is either going to the beach or coming from it. Either way, whoever's in it is probably having a better day than you. I think that's what draws people to my work. It brings up memories and feelings of loading up in the morning for what was likely to be a really good day. It brings back feelings of fun and adventure. Igloo coolers elicit the same memories and feelings. The iconic two toned playmate coolers are synonymous with long beach days, camping trips and time spent out in all the rad places we’d rather be. I like to think that in the trunk of every rad car with a rad surfboard is a color matched cooler full of rad snacks and cold drinks. They just go together." - Kevin Butler

Kevin Butler RAD Bus in Red
Product Features
  • Trademarked tent-top design is easy to use and carry
  • Push-button lid design for convenient one-handed operation
  • Lid swings open to either side for easy access to contents
  • Secure lid helps prevent spills
  • Molded-in handle for one-handed carrying capability
Kevin Butler RAD Bus in Aqua