Is Cooler.

Since we introduced the Playmate in 1971, the original personal cooler has remained the world's most recognizable ice chest, serving as companion to countless legendary American adventures. Now, we're introducing a line of Playmates that'll let you write your own story with an American classic.

One Classic. Three Perfect sizes.

Classic Convenience

The Playmate is a mainstay for a simple reason: it's innovative design makes it really, really easy to use. Each Playmate features:

  • Trademarked tent-top design for ease-of-use.
  • Classic push-button lid design for convenient operation.
  • A lid that swings open on either side for easy access to your food or beverages.

Classic Cooling

Igloo Playmates have kept countless lunches and six-packs cold, decade after decade. Each new Playmate will keep your stuff cool, and the durable, made-in-the-USA construction means one day, you'll be handing your Playmate down to the next generation.

Your Cooler
Just got cooler

Introducing the Playmate artists series



Featuring the bright, bold, and colorful designs of one of the most prolific surf artists to come from surf culture, this cooler highlights Andy Davis' passion for surfing, pop culture, and classic surf iconography.

Andy says, “As a wee munchkin growing up in sunny Southern California I had many wonderful adventures with family and friends. Everywhere we journeyed to we had a companion that accompanied us...without fail, the...trusty red, white and blue Igloo Playmate.”

In celebration of the Playmate's 45th year in production, we're proud to present Andy's unique take on an American classic.