Warranty Policy

LIMITED WARRANTY. Igloo Products Corp. warrants its products to be free from defects in material or workmanship under normal use and service from the date of original purchase for the period listed on the chart below. This warranty is your exclusive warranty and there are no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof. Igloo shall either repair the product free of charge or provide you with a replacement product if the product proves defective under the terms of this warranty. The warranty is valid for the original retail purchaser and is not transferable. Dealers, service centers, or retail stores do not have the right to change the terms and conditions of the warranty. Igloo is not responsible for incidental or consequential damage resulting from any malfunction. The warranty shall not apply to any product, or component thereof, which is not returned as stated below and/or which has been:
(1) Damaged through abuse, misuse or neglect,
(2) Damaged in an accident,
(3) Unreasonable use or used for any purpose not expressly stated in the product manual,
(4) Repaired or altered in any way, including electronic changes from its original configuration. 
Any implied warranties including the implied warranty of merchantability are also limited to the durations indicated below. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state, province to province, and country to country. Please carefully review the care instructions for proper use and care of the product.


If you have issues with your igloo product that was purchased at a retail store, please return it to the retailer if it is within the retailers returns policy.

If the product is outside the retailer's return policy and within the igloo warranty service period for the product, you need to submit a warranty service request (see below). Please do not send your product back to igloo until instructed to do so by an igloo customer services representative.

Igloo Products Corp. warranties its products as follows:


Warranty Service Periods

Category Warranty Terms*
Coolers - Hard and Soft Sides 1 Year
Coolers - Thermoelectric* 1 Year
Beverage Jugs 1 Year
Water Bottles, Tumblers, and Travel Mugs 90 Days
Ice Substitutes 90 Days
Electronic Components for Lighting, Speakers or Radio 90 Days
Accessories 1 Year
Replacement Parts 1 Year
Super Tough 3 Year
Rotomold (Sportsman and Yukon) 5 Year
Stainless Steel 1 Year
Trailmate 1 Year
IMX 5 Year
BMX 3 Year
Party Bar 1 Year
Playmate 1 Year
ReCool (Pulp) No Warranty



How to Obtain Warranty Service


Here at Igloo, we build coolers and cooler accessories to help you do the things you love with the people you love. Whether you’re using it for work or for play, we want you to be satisfied with your Igloo product, and we guarantee the craftsmanship of everything we make.

*Need warranty help with an Igloo branded electric appliance, such as a refrigerator, freezer, ice maker or wine cooler? Please check the manufactured date on the back of your item or the manual. For items manufactured before 1/1/2018 please contact Curtis International. For items manufactured after 6/1/18 please contact Nostalgia.


If your Igloo product fails due to defects in material or workmanship and falls within the guidelines of the Warranty Policy, please use our warranty claim form so that we may quickly get you back out there with your Igloo product.



Retailer Warranty Claims should be handled by the appropriate Sales Representative and then forwarded to your Igloo Regional Manager for further instructions.
Return Authorizations are required by customers if they need a credit or they need to return product. The only exception is that if there is a valid Vendor Agreement in place, in which case the agreement supersedes this process.

a. Defective Products handled by Quality Department at fieldqualityissues@igloocorp.com

i. Customer needs to fill out the Return Authorization Form including the account
name/number, PO number, the item number, description and reason code, and email the completed form to Igloo Quality Department.

ii. Igloo will issue RA # within 10 business days if the fields are filled out correctly. Customer must use Igloo’s Field Quality Reporting Form (Form-qa-8.2.1-001) and Return Authorization form (Form-qa-8.2.1-002) with the relevant details above provided. Email to address above.

iii. Customer Service department of Igloo will make the decision and notify the customer to destroy in field or return the Product to Igloo when the RA # is issued. Customer service may also issue a call tag to get partial defective products back for analysis.

iv. If Customer submits an R/A request for a product that was found in their warehouse damaged or missing parts, Igloo would prefer to send small parts as replacements. If this is accepted, we will send replacements to the store using FED-EX/UPS.

b. Non-Defective Returns handled by Customer Service at csrovsh@igloocorp.com

i. Return Authorizations are needed for products that fall under the following categories:

  1. Overage / Shortage
  2. Duplicate order
  3. Wrong address
  4. Wrong product

ii. Shortage Claims will not be honored if the Proof of Delivery is not signed short for Igloo to file a claim with the carrier. STC (Subject To Count) on the Bill of Lading will not be accepted by Igloo to process any shortage claims with carriers.

iii. If Customer refuses an order and sends it back to Igloo without proper documentation or RA #, Igloo Receiving will refuse the return until they get a valid return authorization number.

iv. A valid reason must be provided for a return authorization request.

v. Customer needs to fill out the Overage, Shortage, and Non-Defective Return Form (Form-om-8.2.1-003) including the account name/number, PO number, the item number, description and reason code, and email the completed form to Customer Service. Email address above.

Updated 03/18/2021