It’s Chilly’s Birthday, But YOU Get the Gift!

May 28, 2021
Chilly's 50th Birthday Igloo


Today Only: Get a FREE, Limited-Edition Chilly Plush Buddy With Any Playmate Purchase

If you’ve been following us here at Igloo, chances are you’ve seen our dear friend/mascot Chilly Alexander Frost make appearances in our content all the time. Chilly is inspired by our Playmate cooler, and just like our famous tent-topped product, our animated friend just turned 50! In fact, Chilly’s birthday lands today on National Cooler Day – pretty cool, right? *wink, wink* 

Chilly's 50th Birthday Celebration

To celebrate Chilly turning the big 5-0, we threw a party and we modeled our friend into a fun, plush keepsake that we’re gifting to YOU!

Today only, when you buy any Playmate cooler, you’ll get a FREE, limited-edition Chilly Plush Buddy. What you do with this one-of-a-kind souvenir — display em, play with, cuddle with or even go fully meta and sit em on top of your favorite Playmate cooler  is up to you.

Happy birthday, Chilly! You’re the coolest!

Chilly's 50th Birthday Cake