A Cooler Bag for Every Budget

We have a huge variety of insulated bags all at different prices. Whether you’re going the super affordable route or looking for coolers with the most high-end design features, you can find the perfect Igloo cooler bag right here.

Everyday Cooler Bags

Roll up to the party with our fun (totally unmellow) industrial yellow/mint coolers! We designed each one for a retro good time — like a hands-free Fanny Pack (perfect for when you’re busting a move) and a Little Playmate (saving you trips to the concession stand). So, make your song request, grab your friends and turn up the cool with this yellow collection.

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Performance Cooler Bags

Carefully designed with premium details and longer ice retention for extended adventures, our high-quality cooler bags are still more affordable than others out there with similar performance.

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What Sets Igloo Coolers Apart?

A lot goes into making a cooler, and we’re committed every step of the way. From designing in-house at our Katy, Texas HQ to testing ice retention and leakproof capabilities in our lab (also at our HQ) and out-in-the-real-world experiments for things like trying out a cooler backpack on an actual hike to determine how to enhance its comfort features. 

We include handy features where it makes sense — like built-in bottle openers and carabiner attachments or adjustable shoulder straps and antimicrobial liners — and leave out the bells and whistles on our more basic cooler bags, but we never, ever throw in something you won’t actually use. And we always focus on providing you with long-lasting cold retention, the whole point of a cooler! Our affordable soft cooler designs are thoughtful, intuitive and reliable because we think of YOU and the ways you’ll use your cooler every day or on extended adventures. Nothing will ever change that. 

We Have a Cooler Bag for Wherever You’re Headed

Beach Days (& Nights)

The beach and coolers pretty much always go hand in hand. And we have a huge selection of cooler bags for the beach, perfect for keeping you and your crew refreshed all day long.

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Taking Road Trips

There’s nothing like traveling with friends and family out on the open road. And it’s even better with the right cooler bag (that you can easily carry and fit between seats) to keep you all refreshed with ice-cold provisions along the way.

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Heading to Lunch

Lunch in the breakroom vs. a picnic in the park with friends definitely takes on a different tone, but you should never suffer through room-temperature food and drinks that should be cold. That’s where our variety of cooler lunch bags come in: Each one (in all kinds of styles and sizes) is designed to keep your lunch chilled first, and second, look good doing it.

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Enjoying Sports (Whether You’re Playing or Watching)

However you’re getting in on the action — playing in the game/match, hitting the gym or tailgating to the stadium lot — we’ve got the coolers for staying hydrated while having fun.

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A Collection for Everyone

For the weekend warrior, the rugged adventurer, the daily luncher, the boater, the weekday commuter, the beach-goer, the Sunday hiker, the park picnicker, the snack provider (aka MOM)…the list goes on. We have a high-quality, cold-retaining cooler for you all.


The fashion-forward purse-onal cooler collection.
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Premium cool every step of your way.
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Seven wearable styles — from hip pack to cinch bag.
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Coastal coolness wherever you go.
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Which Shape Is Best for You?

Our huge lineup of bags comes in all shapes and sizes with multiple ways to carry, so take a dive into all our options to figure out which one/s will make your life so much cooler.

Lunch Bags

Compact, easy to carry and keeps your food and drinks cold all day.
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Spacious, so you can load up on refreshments (and other accessories), and comfortable enough for all-day, hands-free carrying.
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Tote Bags

The tote is the cooler bag made to load up, throw over your shoulder and go. And it doubles as the best grocery shopping bag to keep perishables cold!
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Duffel Bags

Great for weekend adventures or trips to the gym, our duffel cooler bags fit all your goods while keeping them chilled for a fully refreshing experience.
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And We Also Make Other Cool Stuff

Hard Coolers

We’ve got a huge range of durable hardside coolers in every size that are always up for adventure.
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Sports Jug


Keep hot drinks steamy and cold ones frosty with our collection of water jugs and vacuum-insulated stainless steel tumblers and flasks.
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We’ve got parts and accessories for repairs and upgrades, plus other handy gear.
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