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Front View | Snoopy 16 Oz Can::::Durable stainless steel
Angle View | Snoopy 16 Oz Can::::Sliding mouth-opening tab
Lid Off View | Snoopy 16 Oz Can::::Removable lid
Angle View | Snoopy 16 Oz Can::::Advanced hot & cold retention
Bottom View | Snoopy 16 Oz Can::::Built-in coaster

Snoopy 16 Oz Can


Take Care With Peanuts! Part of our special-edition Peanuts Cooler Collection for friends big and small who want to help take care of the earth, this stainless steel reusable can will keep your favorite drink chilled (or piping hot) while helping to eliminate the need for disposable cups. Plus, it stars Snoopy (and his many expressions), the coolest beagle on the planet!

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16 ounces
0.45 liters

.71 lbs
.322 kgs

Exterior Dimensions ( L x W x H ):
2.95" x 2.95" x 7.99"
7.49cm x 7.49cm x 20.29cm

Snoopy 16 Oz Can- Front View
Snoopy 16 Oz Can- In Use