About Us

Getting Cooler Since 1947

Throughout our long, fun-filled, 75-year history, we’ve never taken a break from delivering coolness to the world.

Reinventing How You Chill for 75 Years

Most know us for the Playmate cooler — aka “America’s Lunchbox” — we engineered in 1971 that has such a distinct, innovative design, it’s on display at the Smithsonian. (We pride ourselves in thinking outside the icebox.)

Through many other innovations over the decades — the first plastic cooler in the ‘60s, the first wheeled cooler (1994), the first hardside coolers made from recycled plastic (2021) and much more in between — Igloo became the go-to brand for consumers who work hard and play harder. We’re happy to say Igloo is the most recognizable brand of ice chests in the USA!

Here for a Good Time AND a Long Time

There’s no stopping us! We’re continuing to go ALL in on FUN, plus performance. Products built to exceed the needs and increase the enjoyability of road-trippers, campers, picnickers, parents, athletes, frontline workers, corporate warriors, you name it.

Like our bestselling Retro Collection that’ll totally recharge your nostalgic side and our ever-expanding eco collection (coolers made from recycled materials) that’s getting us closer to becoming the most environmentally friendly cooler company on Earth. And, of course, the Playmate: We’re continuing to partner with some of the world’s most-loved brands, so you can personalize how you cool with “America’s lunchbox” by your side.

We Forecast Even Cooler Days Ahead

As our journey continues into the next 75+ years, we promise to keep inventing the products where you can’t help but say “that’s really cool.”

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