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X-Large Push Button Spigot For 2-10 Gallon Water Jugs

Designed to Fit Items:

  • 00042250 - Retro Barrel of Fun 2 Gallon Jug
  • 00041150 - Sport 2 Gallon Water Jug
  • 00041224 - Sport 2 Gallon Water Jug With Hooks
  • 00002214 - Legend 2 Gallon Water Jug
  • 00042115 - Sport 5 Gallon Roller Water Jug
  • 00042026 - 5 Gallon Seat Top Water Jug With Cup Dispenser
  • 00042316- 5 Gallon Seat Top Water Jug Without Cup Dispenser
  • 00042021 - 10 Gallon Seat Top Water Jug With Cup Dispenser

Item #:00020027

    • Single unit includes 1 spigot with gasketed nut
    • Fits all Igloo® 2, 3, 5 and 10 Gallon beverage coolers
    • Easily installed
    • Front access, large comfort grip push button-style spigot
    • Spigot is recessed once installed, making it less prone to shearing off
    • Angled pour spout for easy dispensing
    • Drip-resistant valve
  • Wipe surfaces clean before storing and between uses. Light dirt or stains can be cleaned with water or mild detergent. Tougher stains may be cleaned with diluted solution of baking soda and water. Ensure all cleaning agents are rinsed and dry completely before storage. For set-in stains or odors, use gloves to wipe with bleach, rinse and let dry thoroughly.

  • This Igloo product is warranted to be free from defects in material or workmanship under normal use and service for 1 year from the date of original purchase. For additional information, please visit the Warranty Service page under Customer Care.

Product Features

Capacity & Measurements

0.1 lbs
0.05 kgs


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