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Front View | Whataburger 16 Oz Can::::Advanced hot & cold retention
Angle View | Whataburger 16 Oz Can::::Durable stainless steel
Lid Off View | Whataburger 16 Oz Can::::Removable lid
Angle View | Whataburger 16 Oz Can::::Sliding mouth-opening tab
Bottom View | Whataburger 16 Oz Can::::Built-in coaster

Whataburger 16 Oz Can


We teamed up with Whataburger, our fellow Texan tastemaker, to bring y’all this very craveable stainless steel can. If you’re hungry for a super tasty collab, this is the one! Their famous stripes, our legendary chillability…this reusable cup has all the best fixin’s and gives you a fun way to quench your tastebuds with a fresh, cold drink as you’re devouring a mouthwatering Whataburger.

16 ounces
0.45 liters

.71 lbs
.322 kgs

Exterior Dimensions ( L x W x H ):
2.95" x 2.95" x 7.99"
7.49cm x 7.49cm x 20.29cm

Whataburger 16 Oz Can
Whataburger 16 Oz Can