Igloo 2019 - That’s a Wrap!

January 19, 2020
Igloo 2019 - That’s a Wrap!

Is it really work if you’re having fun?
We brought back a classic!
We kicked off the year with a blast from the past with the launch of the Throwback Collection! Sparking joy and reminiscence in loyal customers that still had their OG version of these retro coolers. Somethings never go out of style!

We invented something!
WE made the world's first biodegradable cooler - RECOOL launched with a Bang in April with the support of Rob Machado and the entire environmentally conscious world. Igloo has move into a market category most cooler companies haven’t. Since RECOOL’s release, it has won multiple awards and became Gear Junkies 2019 Gear of the Year. We took risks… and they paid off - BIG time! #staynotostyrofoam

We laughed!
Every once in a while, you gotta have some fun, right?? Our ‘9 out of 10 Yetis Prefer Igloo Coolers’ video had the crowd ROTFL-ing and spread like wildfire across Instagram.

We cooked up some fun stuff with friends!
Igloo is a heritage brand; with the most iconic cooler everyone can say they grew up using - the Playmate! We took this as an opportunity to create take this classic in new directions by partnering with great brands and licenses such as Disney, Scooby Doo, and many more!


Stay tuned to see all the fun we’ll be having in 2020!!
-Stay Cool