The End Zone: Day of the Big Game!

January 31, 2020
The End Zone: Day of the Big Game!

Igloo’s tips to make your Big Game super party perfect!

As this year’s host, you’re in charge of the all the vibes. Drink vibes, food vibes, and scream-at-the-tv-in-celebration vibes… Igloo knows a thing or two about parties, so we decided to offer a few final touches for your super party!


A good ol’ fashion BBQ is the perfect way to prep food for the whole squad. Gather round while you grill up the hot dogs and flip the burgers. It’s centerfield for hanging out, cracking jokes, and enjoying a few cold ones. Keep a RECOOL nearby for the easy grab-n-go, while your Igloo BMX cooler is stocked with all the reserves. Fire it up! 

 It’s halftime – time to break out the lawn games. Everyone loves a good competitive game of cornhole. Break out into teams or go one-on-one! Feeling inspired by the first-half-heroics? Pick up that football and show ‘em you still got a canon. This is also the last call for any neighbors or latecomers. Luckily, they can be the spark for the second half by pulling up with a fully loaded Trailmate



The secret weapon of the day might be your 10-Gallon jug. Its large enough for the entire team, whether your serving up that special concoction or keeping everyone properly hydrated between touchdowns! Also, what’s more appropriate than celebrating the champs than a victorious jug shower amirite!? 



That’s game folks! There’s plenty of great ways Igloo can help make your Big Game super party cooler, but you already know that! Have a fun and safe gameday! (Last tip: ride share apps are always a smarter option than reaching for your keys! Celebrate responsibly.)