Taking Action to Improve & Beautify Our Communities With Keep America Beautiful®

March 10, 2021
Keep America Beautiful

Our Ongoing Partnership Allows Us to Accomplish Many Beautiful Things Together

Since 2019, we’ve been a proud partner of Keep America Beautiful, the nation’s leading community improvement nonprofit organization. And, we have to say, “proud” is putting it mildly. Our partnership, and their Earth-changing initiatives we get to take part in, is something we’re so grateful for and don’t take for granted. Keep America Beautiful is making a very significant impact in improving and beautifying communities all over the nation through their various programs, and, as we are on our own mission of becoming the most environmentally friendly cooler company on Earth, we’re here to champion Keep America Beautiful’s efforts in making the world a better place!

Keep America Beautiful is making their goals — end littering, improve recycling and beautify America’s communities — a reality through their programs and initiatives, in addition to bringing awareness to the issues our communities are facing via campaigns, PSAs and education. Through all of this, Keep America Beautiful has been able to:

  • Clean, improve or beautify 59,874 miles of streets, roads and highways 
  • Collect 69,689,184 pounds of litter and debris (as well as recyclables)
  • Enable 11.9 million hours of volunteering in Keep America Beautiful affiliate programs


The Limited-Edition David Rollyn Playmate Online Auction
In June 2019, we teamed up with renowned outdoor artist David Rollyn at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market Show where he illustrated 100 Playmate coolers, which we made available for purchase through an online auction. We donated 100% of the proceeds we raised from this to Keep America Beautiful.

A Sponsor of the First-Ever TrashDash™ Fun Run Event
In 2019, we sponsored the first-ever Keep America Beautiful TrashDash, an initiative created to bring “plogging” (picking up litter while jogging along your route) to neighborhoods across the country. This was a really fun way for us to join Keep America Beautiful in uniting community members and encouraging them to help reduce litter in their neighborhood while getting outside and being physically active. Igloo donated water jugs to keep participants hydrated and water bottles as prizes for volunteer fundraisers.

A National Sponsor of the 2020 Great American Cleanup®
In 2020, we became a national sponsor for the annual Keep America Beautiful Great American Cleanup, the nation’s largest community improvement program in its 22nd year. This nationwide initiative offers structured service projects to measure changes in littering behavior and heighten awareness about the benefits of caring for the environment through organized volunteer events, employee engagement opportunities, and experiential education in more than 15,000 communities across America.

Hydration Donations for Volunteers on the Ground
We’ve donated thousands of reusable water bottles and water jugs to volunteers during Keep America Beautiful cleanup events as a way to keep them hydrated while out in the field and to further reduce waste from single-use cups and plastic bottles.

Funding for Plastics Recycling Study
In 2020, Igloo funded a first-of-its-kind recycling study with Keep America Beautiful. A new plastics reprocessing pilot program in Texas is now testing the efficacy of post-consumer recycled resins and insulation we can use in plastic-based products, like our coolers. Igloo collected and donated hundreds of used coolers, which are difficult to recycle considering the mix of different types of plastic, insulation and other materials, like metal screws. The program is currently running and is intended to publish results on how to effectively collect and transport difficult-to-recycle plastics and what products the recycled material is appropriate to make.

12 Days of Christmas Promotion Donation
In December 2020, during our 12 Days of Christmas holiday promotion, we provided shoppers a way to do good while gifting great. For four days, we donated 100% of profits from every REPREVE cooler bag (made from recycled plastic bottles) purchase to Keep America Beautiful.

Earth Day 2021 Promotion Donation!
We will be offering another way to give to Keep America Beautiful by shopping on our site leading up to Earth Day, so stay tuned for when we announce those details!

As a Keep America Beautiful partner, we’ve been able to do some beautiful things together…and we plan to do much more!


Keep America Beautiful makes it their mission to ensure every U.S. community is a clean, green and beautiful place to live. Isn’t that something we can all get behind? If you’ve been thinking about ways to get involved in your community or if reading about Keep America Beautiful here has inspired you to take local action, we really encourage you to consider joining a Keep America Beautiful initiative as a volunteer in your area, like participating in a Great American Cleanup event that involves cleaning up local beaches and parks to planting community gardens and educating the next generation of community stewards. 

You can also take part by donating to Keep America Beautiful directly (with a tax-deductible financial contribution on their site) or indirectly by giving while you shop through Amazon Smile.

Together, we can truly make a difference in the future of our planet — just by taking the right steps in your own hometown.