Happy 50th, Playmate! The Party Starts With the Premiere of “The Birds & The Beers” & Little Playmate’s BIG Comeback!

March 01, 2021
Igloo Playmate 50th Anniversary


Watch the Playmate’s Origin Story Now & Get a First Look at The Little Playmate 50th Anniversary Collection

This here’s quite the story about keepin’ beverages frosty since 1971…


A talking cooler (Chilly Alexander Frost’s big debut!), vintage clips, lots of frosty beverages and one epic tale. Did you have as much fun as we did taking this trip down Playmate lane?

2021 marks the 50th anniversary of the iconic Igloo Playmate cooler! In addition to releasing the hilarious “The Birds & The Beers: A Playmate Origin Story” documentary-style short film you just watched — depicting the Playmate’s journey, from concept to becoming “America’s lunchbox” and the bestselling cooler design of all time! — we’re also celebrating the Playmate hitting the big 5-0 by bringing back the popular Little Playmate design.


The Little Playmate 50th Year Anniversary Collection

Straight outta the ‘70s…we brought the out-of-production Little Playmate back in a big way. The Little Playmate was one of the most popular styles during the Playmate’s early years; thanks to its compact design (7 quarts, the perfectly sized personal cooler) with our trademarked tent top, swivel lid and the OG push-button on the side (everyone remembers that button!). We’re reviving this original design with The Little Playmate 50th Anniversary Collection featuring nine new, special-edition coolers with far-out color combos that pay homage to the different, vibrant Playmate styles we’ve released over the last 50 years.

 Little Playmate - 50th Year Anniversary

This is truly the coolest comeback ever. Can you dig it?