About Those Rescue Dogs Turned Igloo Models…

October 15, 2020
Basics Soft Coolers


We Partnered With a Local Pet Rescue to Make Their Dogs the Stars of Our Basics Coolers Campaign

Just scroll through our Instagram @igloocoolers and you’ll often see double-tap-worthy dog content. It’s no secret; we’re huge fans of dogs — and huge might be putting it mildly. At Igloo HQ, most of us have a dog or two (often making cameos on our work video calls while we’re working from home), and thanks to our followers sharing their “Pets of Igloo” on Instagram, we know a lot of you also have a pup of your own.

We love that the fun outings you take your canine best friend on will probably include an Igloo cooler too. Two cool companions that make any adventure better!

So, we decided to riff off that notion and combine those two companions in our campaign for our new Basics softside coolers. And we knew if we were going to have dogs be the stars, then featuring pets up for adoption was the way to go!

We partnered with Priceless Pets Rescue, an animal rescue organization local to our satellite office in Southern California that’s doing amazing things to save the lives of countless dogs, cats, rabbits and more. Although every dog they rescue and bring into their care is worthy of being a model, we had to narrow it down to four.

And the Priceless Pets team did good. Meet the supermodel dogs we were so lucky to photograph:


Rescue Dog - Loba


Rescue Dog - Flor


Rescue Dog - Moe


Rescue Dog - Sophie

If you’re wondering what it’s like behind the scenes of a dog photoshoot, just know it involves lots of treats, ear scratches, toys and wrangling (while hiding behind chairs). Here’s a glimpse:

Behind the Scenes - Dog Rescue Basics Photoshoot

At the time of our photoshoot, all four of these adorable dogs were still looking for their new families, and, as of today, we’re happy to report that almost all have been adopted!!

To see which are still available or if you’re just considering adopting a new best friend, we hope you’ll check out Priceless Pets Rescue if you’re in Southern California. Or if you’re anywhere else in the U.S., Best Friends Animal Society is a great organization whose whole mission is to save animals throughout the country, and their network of animal shelters and rescues to aid people in finding a pet is incredible!

And if you want a new cooler to join you and your furry best buddy on your next lunch outing, check out our new Basics softsides collection.