Have an Old Igloo Playmate With Some History? Tell Us!

November 01, 2020
Igloo Playmate Stories


In Honor of the Playmate’s Upcoming 50th Birthday, Share Your Cooler Story for a Chance to Win Igloo Prizes

Born in 1971, the Playmate — aka America’s lunchbox, aka the world’s most recognizable cooler — is turning 50 next year! Can you believe it? It seems like only yesterday our engineers were drawing up the Playmate’s unique tent top that would shake up the cooler industry and become a part of American history (did you know the Playmate is on display in the Smithsonian?!).

With its (almost) half-century history, the Playmate has played a part, big and small, in the majority of American lives. And we’ve been lucky over the years to have had many of these stories shared with us.

I remember my first playmate

Fans continuously reach out to us on their own to tell us the coolest (pun intended!) stories about the Playmate in their lives — like a UPS employee who took his Playmate with him on his delivery route every day for 34 years until he retired or the young adult who is reminded of all the best beach days with her family growing up whenever she comes across a Playmate. Each time we hear a story from a fan, the affection in their words is like they’re talking about a loved one, and it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy.

Playmate Retro Product

Now It’s Your Turn. Submit Your Playmate Story for a Chance to Win!

In honor of the Playmate hitting the big five-oh, we’re hoping to collect even more stories to create our Playmate Hall of Fame.

Do you have a special Playmate in your life? Share your favorite memories together along with some photos of it and you could not only be inducted into the Playmate Hall of Fame, but you’ll also be entered for a chance to win Igloo prizes!

Retro Playmate

Heartfelt, funny, old, new(ish). All stories are welcome as long as they include a Playmate!