Wanna Win a Full Setup for an Epic Super Bowl Party?

December 16, 2021
The Ultimate Super Bowl Home Setup Sweepstakes


Enter The Ultimate Super Bowl Home Setup Sweepstakes!


Now that the NFL season is in full swing, the Big Game is quickly approaching and that means: SUPER BOWL PARTY HERE YOU COME…but how about this time you host and make it the best party your friends have ever been to?!

You have a chance at making this a reality just by entering The Ultimate Super Bowl Home Setup Sweepstakes. New TV, couch, BBQ, lawn games, snacks and, of course, coolers full of beer. You could win it all!

This ultimate prize pack includes $5,000 towards snagging the best party-essential gear:

  • $1,000 at IglooCoolers.com (including an NFL Playmate and Bottle for your team)
  • $1,000 at Ikea.com
  • $1,000 at HomeDepot.com
  • $1,000 at BestBuy.com
  • $1,000 worth of groceries