January 30, 2024

Available in Five Sizes With Temperature Control Range From Zero to 68 Degrees Fahrenheit

January 30, 2024 (Katy, Texas) – Today, Igloo Products Corp. announced the launch of its ICF Series, a collection of iceless electric compressor coolers, marking the company’s official expansion into the active cooler category. Released in five sizes with a wide temperature control range, the new collection is available now in the U.S. at and select global retailers.

ICF Cooler Banner

“After more than 75 years as a leading innovator and manufacturer of passive coolers, we are incredibly excited to announce that Igloo is charging forward to the future of cooling with our first-ever compressor coolers,” said Josh Militello, President at Dometic Mobile Cooling. “The new ICF Series introduces Igloo’s active cooler category, a category in which we plan to invest and expand in the years to come.”

Functioning as both a portable refrigerator and freezer for life on the go, Igloo’s ICF coolers use electricity instead of ice to cool the interior to the user’s desired temperature. As an iceless cooler, the ICF is lighter in weight than a comparable rotomolded cooler, has more interior space available and will not result in melted ice, improving the overall user experience.    

All 5 Sizes of ICF Electric Coolers

“We’re happy to make cooling even more convenient for our consumers while finally giving ice cubes some well-deserved time off! Our new ICF electric coolers plug into a power outlet, eliminating the need for ice and giving users full control of the temperature inside, so they can have more worry-free fun outside for longer periods of time — when on the sidelines, tailgating, going on grocery runs and more,” said Jeff Diamond, Head of Mobile Cooling Products at Dometic Mobile Cooling.


Key features of the ICF Series include: 

  • Temperature control: Easy access to the dimmable digital display allows users to set the ICF to a desired temperature (ranging 0–68°F) for keeping food/drinks frozen or chilled.
  • Multiple power options:ICF can be plugged into a wall outlet at home (100–240V AC input) or into a vehicle outlet (12V/24V DC input). Both cables are included.
  • 3-stage battery protection: The built-in programming prevents ICF from draining a vehicle’s battery by shutting off the cooler when low voltage is detected.
  • Ease-of-use design: Comfort carry handles, interior compartment divider, interior LED light and one-touch lift latch on lid improve the convenience of use.

The ICF Series comes in rugged blue in five sizes:

  • ICF 18, $399.99: 20 quarts/19 liters
  • ICF 32, $499.99: 34 quarts/32 liters
  • ICF 40, $599.99: 41 quarts/39 liters
  • ICF 60, $699.99: 62 quarts/59 liters
  • ICF 80DZ, $999.99: 83 quarts/78 liters

In a variation from the rest of the collection, the ICF 80DZ (dual zone) cooler features two side-by-side compartments with independent temperature control. Each compartment can be set to a different desired temperature allowing for more versatility in food, drinks and/or frozen items packed inside.

For product videos, more details and FAQs about Igloo’s ICF Series, visit All five ICF coolers can be purchased today at (U.S.), (Australia) and a growing list of retailers across the globe.