EcoCool is our initiative to enable our consumers to do more, with less. As leaders in the cooler industry, we feel it is our responsibility to be ever evolving and find new ways to lower our impact on the planet. Every EcoCool product and material is made with bio-degradable, recycled, or low environmental impact properties. This is the mindset of the future of our business.


The world’s first cooler made from biodegradable materials, a single-use EPS foam alternative.

• Introduced in may 2019
• 1 billion media impressions
• 6 innovation awards
• 250k+ units sold nationally
• 3rd party claim validation
• Responsible packaging update

Igloo introduced Recool, the world’s first cooler made from 100% biodegradable materials, in 2019 in an effort to eliminate the need for single-use foam coolers. We’re proud to say Igloo received several innovation awards from our peers and media and have distributed over 250,000 units in less than one year; that’s 250,000 less foam coolers on the planet. Although we’re just getting started with Recool, it has already led our entire company to further pursue and expand upon our sustainability initiatives.


Igloo is using Repreve fabric to
make new soft side coolers.

• 9 plastic bottles make 1 soft side cooler
• 18 unique Igloo skus in 2020
• The world’s first cooler bag with Repreve insulation
• Goal to recycle 1 million plastic bottles in 2020
• Move all fabric to recycled materials by 2023

Repreve is a unique fabric woven from recycled, post-consumer, plastic bottles. With an average of 9 plastic bottles making 1 soft side cooler, Igloo is bringing Repreve fabric into 18 unique soft-side coolers in 2020, including the world’s first cooler bag using Repreve insulation as well. Together with Repreve, Igloo’s goal is to recycle 1 million plastic bottles in 2020.



• California air resource board regulations banned HFC’s
• Retooled entire manufacturing facility to accommodate new foam
• Thermecool is 50x better than for the planet than carb regulations
(global warming potential)
• Performs better than our previous insulation
• 2020 impact similar to taking 86k cars off the road for a year

The World’s First Bioplastic Cooler with Generational Durability & Thermecool insulation, commercially available in 2021 and made in the USA.

Playmate Cooler.jpg
With Thermecool insulation, we are striving to lower our environmental impact while creating coolers that can last a lifetime. When the California Air Resource Board regulations banned HFC’s (chemicals that contribute to climate change), we worked with chemical company BASF to create a new foam insulation that is 50 times better for the planet than the law requires. We then invested the capital to retool our entire manufacturing facility to accommodate for a new foaming process. Not only is it better for the planet, but the new Theremcool foam even outperforms our old foam in ice retention testing. The bottom line: in 2020 alone, the impact of us switching to Thermecool insulation is equivalent to taking 86,000 cars off the road!