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Front View | ECOCOOL Latitude 60 Qt Roller Cooler
Angle View | ECOCOOL Latitude 60 Qt Roller Cooler
Open View | ECOCOOL Latitude 60 Qt Roller Cooler
Angle View | ECOCOOL Latitude 60 Qt Roller Cooler
Back View | ECOCOOL Latitude 60 Qt Roller Cooler
Size View | ECOCOOL Latitude 60 Qt Roller Cooler

ECOCOOL Latitude 60 Qt Roller Cooler

A cooler that makes Earth (and you) very happy. The ECOCOOL Latitude 60 Roller Cooler is the first of its kind to be made with recycled post-consumer recycled resin! 

  • MORE ON ECOCOOL: We’re transforming post-consumer plastic — primarily discarded plastic yogurt cups and milk jugs.
  • THERMECOOL INSULATION: This innovative foam lowers CO2 and VOC emissions making it 50 times better for the planet.

Item #: 00034777

Quarts: 60 90
    • ECOCOOL: Outside body & lid made with post-consumer recycled resin (PCR)
    • Features THERMECOOL foam, a cleaner, eco-friendly insulation
    • MaxCold® technology: Thicker foam insulation in the lid & body provide up to five days of ice-retention performance (tested at 90˚F in controlled test conditions)
    • Oversized wheels provide all-terrain mobility
    • Locking, telescoping handle enables cooler to be pushed or pulled for super easy transporting
    • Molded-in side handles for easy carrying & loading/unloading into vehicles
    • Elongated profile accommodates taller beverages, like wine bottles, 2-liter bottles & sports drinks
    • Four self-draining cup holders built into the lid to keep your cold ones within arm’s reach
    • Triple-snap, leak-resistant drain plug allows easy draining of melted ice
    • Cool Riser Technology® improves cooling performance by elevating cooler body away from hot surfaces
    • Made in USA
    • Put the 62-quart size into perspective: Holds 93 cans
  • Wipe interior and exterior surfaces clean before storing and between uses. To prevent stains and odors, empty cooler of contents after use. Light dirt or stains can be cleaned with water or mild detergent. Tougher stains may be cleaned with diluted solution of baking soda and water. Ensure all cleaning agents are thoroughly rinsed and the cooler is dry before storage.

  • This Igloo product is warranted to be free from defects in material or workmanship under normal use and service for 1 year from the date of original purchase. For additional information, please visit the Warranty Service page under Customer Care.

93 12-oz cans
60 quarts (58 liters)

14 lbs
6.35 kgs

Exterior Dimensions ( L x W x H ):
21.72" x 18.27" x 19.75"
55.17 cm x 46.41 cm x 50.17 cm

Height and widlth of the 60 qt cooler. 19.75 inches by 21.72 inches
Man and toddler pulling the 60 qt cooler at the park
60 quart cooler on the grass at the park

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