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5 Gallon Handwash Station


Keep your crew clean in the field with the portable Igloo 5 Gallon Handwash Station. 

This industrial-grade handwash station makes it truly simple to sanitize. Just pour clean water inside the jug and add a soap-filled dispenser (not included) into the built-in caddy. When handwashing, use your elbow on the push-lever spigot to release waterflow after soaping up, then let go to scrub—this provides a “touch-free” experience with absolutely no need to touch the station with clean hands and no wasted water. And with the 5-gallon capacity, you’ll get 40 washes with each fill.


Item #: 00042260

5 gallons
20 quarts (18.93 liters)

3.18 lbs
1.44 kgs

Exterior Dimensions ( L x W x H ):
14.5" x 13" x 19.5"
36.8 cm x 33.02 cm x 49.53 cm