Get to Know Your New, Durable Cooler: The IMX

August 06, 2020
IMX Coolers 70-quart and 24-quart

Designed to Survive Your Time Outdoors


We titled this post “your new durable cooler” for good reason. If you’re already this far into reading it, you’re likely in the market for a durable cooler you want (ahem, need) to take on your next outdoor trip. And we’re confident that once you finish reading it through, you’ll be convinced the IMX cooler must be yours.

So, let’s get to it!

IMX Grey 70-quart



The IMX is extremely durable yet impressively lightweight with 4–7 days of ice retention (depending on the IMX size) and all kinds of tools built in to enhance your outdoor experience (like a bottle opener and cup holders). Plus, it kills in the looks department too. Our new gray colorway is subtly cool and matches with everything.



However wild your plans, the IMX is built to handle. Camping, fishing, beach day, BBQ, even a kid’s birthday party—this durable cooler will impress both in its capabilities and its looks!


When You Weigh Your Options, IMX Can’t Be Beat

We planned the IMX to be a long-lasting, super durable cooler that’s still lightweight—and we nailed it. In fact, the IMX is 40% lighter and way more affordable than coolers out there with similar performance.

Don’t just take our word for it. Customer Jeffrey C. wrote: “Awesome sauce! Love it! Lighter and less money than the big boys. Great job Igloo!”  Thanks, Jeffrey. You’re awesome sauce too.

IMX Cooler - Grey Loading and Unloading


Keeps Contents Ice-Cold for Days on End

The ice retention on the IMX is up there with the “big boys” too, thanks to our Ultratherm® technology. With the compact 24-quart IMX, you get up to four days of ice retention, while the bigger 70-quart IMX keeps things cold for up to seven days—a whole week of ice retention! Just imagine how much cooler your next trip will be…and we mean that in more ways than one.

IMX Cooler Ice Retention


Little Details That Go a Long Way

We thought of the little things that will increase your good times even more, like tie-down points so you can haul more gear all at once, a threaded drain plug, fish ruler to help you better show off your catch, built-in stainless steel bottle opener, and self-draining cup holders (four of them!) on the lid.

IMX Grey bottle Opener, Cup Holder and Fish Ruler


Speaking of the Lid…

Aside from the aforementioned features built into the lid (cup holders and fish ruler), we also included marine-grade rubberized latches that not only look cool but do cool things (lock in the cold). The self-stopping hinge helps prevent the lid from slamming shut, and the stainless steel locking plate lets you use a standard size lock to securely close your IMX. Prying hands and paws be gone!

IMX Cooler Lock and Lid


Getting It There Isn’t a Hassle

First off, we want to reiterate this is a heavy-duty, lightweight cooler (compared to similar coolers out there). Second, we made sure to design the IMX with handy features so carrying it to wherever you’re going, plus loading and unloading, is easy. The 70-quart IMX has molded-in side handles and comfortable, steel braided cable handles that provide grip even in wet conditions. And the 24-quart IMX has a sturdy, comfortable swinging handle that allows for one- or two-hand carrying. And both have tie-down points to secure your cooler during transport.

IMX Grey Handle - 70 and 40 quart


Keeps Its Good Looks

With its UV inhibitors, the IMX is protected from sun damage (but we still recommend you keep your cooler in the shade for the best ice retention).


Dry Things Welcome

The included wire basket acts as a dry rack for food that you prefer didn’t get wet but still want ice-cold. It fits perfectly right at the rim of the cooler, but can be removed when you don’t have a need for it.

IMX Cooler Inside Basket


Comes in Two Sizes

Choose your capacity! We have the smaller 24-quart IMX that can hold up to 35 cans and the large 70-quart IMX with space for up to 105 cans.

IMX Cooler 24 and 70 quart


Proof Going Gray Is Cool(er)

We released a new gray colorway to expand our IMX offering—a collection that has been a long-running customer favorite. And, we gotta say, this matches-with-everything gray is a 10/10!

IMX New Colorway Gray


Are you still reading this? Why haven’t you clicked over to make the IMX yours yet? Go on, now!