The Handwash Station: Keeping Clean at the Job Site & Campsite

July 10, 2020
The Handwash Station: Keeping Clean at the Job Site & Campsite

Watch the How-To Video for All the Cleansing Details

For all those moments when a sink with running water is not a part of the plans—like at the worksite or the campsite—our versatile Handwash Station makes sure your crew can still keep up their good handwashing habits, clean their camping dishes and otherwise “freshen up” as needed.

This Handwash Station is a simple yet super-functional and convenient tool that’s easy to use and move around to any central spot that serves everyone best. And we thought of the little, important details, like the push-lever spigot that lets you use your elbow to release waterflow after soaping up, creating a “touch-free” experience with absolutely no need to touch the station with clean hands, plus no wasted water!

As we said: It’s easy! But for those who are more visual learners, check out this how-to video:

We won’t go as far as suggesting you put up that standard “Must Wash Hands” sign at your campsite, but we can bet the not-so-subtle-yet-cool neon color of our Handwash Station will be encouraging enough to get your fellow campers to follow through with their cleanliness. It’s a win for everyone.