Surfacing Today: The Beatles Yellow Submarine Playmate Cooler Collection

April 20, 2021
The Beatles Playmate - Yellow Submarine


All Aboard For Peace, Love, Music & Cold Drinks!

All you need is love…and this Playmate collection!

We just launched our brand-new The Beatles Yellow Submarine Playmate Collection inspired by the legendary rock band’s landmark animated 1968 film and subsequent album. This special-edition collection includes three Little Playmate coolers designed with the famous, psychedelically colorful artwork from the animated movie: The Yellow Submarine Little Playmate, All You Need Is Love Little Playmate and Blue Meanies Little Playmate. These coolers give all Beatles fans the option to have their own fun Playmate featuring their favorite Yellow Submarine scenes that they can take on their own voyages on land or at sea.

The Beatles Little Playmate Collection

Just like the landmark film and album, our special-edition The Beatles Yellow Submarine Playmate Collection — a deal brokered by Sony Thread Shop, the North American licensing agent for The Beatles — is full of peace, love, music, Blue Meanies and, hopefully soon, cold drinks!

We designed these vibrant coolers with recognizable artwork straight out of scenes from the animated movie “The Beatles Yellow Submarine”, including the All You Need Is Love Little Playmate inspired by The Beatles’ hit song and momentous scene in the film, the Blue Meanies Little Playmate featuring the music-hating antagonists and, of course, a Little Playmate modeled after the Fab Four’s bright, beloved Yellow Submarine underwater vessel.

All aboard!