Igloo Enters Strategic Partnership with LiddUp from ABC's Reality Television Series, Shark Tank

September 22, 2014

Igloo Products Corp., industry leader in cooler manufacturing, announced today that it has partnered with LiddUp, LLC, the cooler LED lighting system provider as seen on ABC’s reality television series, Shark Tank. Igloo enters the strategic partnership to incorporate LiddUp’s interior LED lighting technology and patents to create, market and sell a new line of lighted coolers.

Igloo is known for innovation within the cooler market, and the brand is constantly looking for ways to improve its products. Igloo helps to redefine coolers by identifying the needs of its consumers.

Coolers are used for a wide variety of activities and in many settings or times of day. Therefore, creating an illuminated cooler has been in the product development pipeline for some time, but before partnering with LiddUp, Igloo had yet to find the right technology and method to incorporate lights into its products.

LiddUp’s patents, for its unique LED lighting technology, helped to finalize the partnership. The innovative design utilizes LEDs as the light source to illuminate the inner contents of a cooler. The LEDs sit virtually flush to the interior lining and guide users in finding items in their cooler in low light situations.

“Igloo is a household name and the leading cooler manufacturer worldwide,” said LiddUp founder and inventor Jayson Sandberg. “Being on Shark Tank confirmed that we had a desirable product concept, but it also made us realize that the most efficient way to bring it to market was by teaming up with a partner like Igloo.”

Over the past year, Igloo has worked in conjunction with LiddUp to conduct market research, new product development and logistics to ensure the LEDs are successfully implemented and launched into its product line.

Igloo Chairman and CEO Gary Kiedaisch commented on the partnership, “We are very excited to finally have a formal partnership with LiddUp and to work closely with their team to bring a variety of LED lighted Igloo coolers to market.”

The initial product offerings are expected to be available at retail in Q1 of 2015. Igloo plans to release more details regarding the specific products, prices and retailers closer to the product launch date.

About Igloo:

Igloo Products Corp. is a Texas-based international designer, manufacturer and marketer of coolers and other outdoor products and housewares. Founded in 1947, Igloo is responsible for originating the cooler category and has remained the number one cooler brand worldwide. For more than 65 years, the Igloo brand has been synonymous with quality, durability and innovation. Offering more than 500 different products, Igloo coolers are sold by more than 110 thousand retailer storefronts around the world. For more information, visit www.igloocoolers.com.

About Liddup:

LiddUp, LLC was founded by Jayson Sandberg, who came up with the idea of a light-up cooler while camping, and was first featured on ABC’s reality television series Shark Tank, with business partner Taylor Gwiazdon, in April of 2013. The LiddUp brand has four issued patents on the unique interior lighting technology. LiddUp pioneered its cooler design to use LEDs, as an efficient and heat- free light source. The goal of the brand is to offer an innovative product with a practical design for use at any time, day or night. To learn more, please visit www.liddup.com.