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Front View | MaxCold® Ice ½ Sleeve::::Reusable & refreezable
Angle View | MaxCold® Ice ½ Sleeve::::Non-toxic gel
Profile View | MaxCold® Ice ½ Sleeve::::MaxCold® Ice ½ Sleeve
MaxCold® Ice ½ Sleeve
Size View | MaxCold® Ice ½ Sleeve::::Wrap your drink (sold individually)

MaxCold® Ice ½ Sleeve


This is not your average chip off the old ice block. Although this versatile ½ Sleeve is part of our legacy MaxCold Ice family, it takes on a not-so-basic shape. Its curved design gives you concentrated chilling at its center (especially when paired with a second MaxCold ½ Sleeve) — where your canned drink or wine bottle fits perfectly — while creating a cold zone all around it so the rest of your cooler’s contents can share in its coolness.

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1.7 lbs
0.77 kgs

Exterior Dimensions ( L x W x H ):
5.5" x 2.27" x 5.5"
13.97 cm x 5.76 cm x 13.97 cm